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   Bison Dog - Poodle Peaceable Kingdom -
    Lion, Lamb, Boy
   Bear - Black Bear with Fish Dragon Penguins Toads
   Bear - Grizzly Figuresphere Pig - Sow and Piglets Tortoise - Galapagos
   Bear - Polar Bear (set) Florida Panther Pig - Philbert Tortoise - Galapagos Group
   Bumblebee Giraffe Prarie Dogs Tortoise - Galapagos Espanola
   Dog - Collie, Lassie Gorilla - Massa Puma Turtle - Green Sea
   Dog - Germanshorthaired Pointer Gorilla - Thumbs Up Rabbit Trout Fountain
   Dog - Golden Retriever, sitting Owl - Great Gray Seahorse Warthog
   Dog - Golden Retriever, sleeping Panda Sea Lion Suffolk Sheep
   Big Horn Ram Carousel Gates